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Sugarcane Townes Internet Powered by Faster Cajun Networks

Sugarcane Townes has partnered with Faster Cajun Networks to deliver fiber Internet service to the subdivision. Faster Cajun is one of the fastest growing Internet service providers in Southwest Louisiana, and they're known for fast Internet and excellent customer service.

Faster Cajun offers three service plans at Sugarcane Townes with speeds of 75x10, 150x50 and 300x100 (Download x Upload Mbps). If you aren't sure about the right plan for your needs, Faster Cajun can help you determine which plan will work best for you.

Standard installation is $150, which includes a managed router that provides WiFi access in your home. Faster Cajun also offers upgraded routers that provide better WiFI coverage over a larger area with support for managed "mesh" extenders. These extenders may be needed to provide reliable WiFi coverage everywhere in larger homes.

  • 75x10
  • $79
    per Month
  • 300x100
  • $129
    per Month

Telephone and Streaming Services

In addition to Internet access, Faster Cajun offers home and business telephone service, and streaming video service. Please contact Faster Cajun at (337) 372-2586 for more information.

Request Internet Service

Enter your information in the form below to request fiber Internet service. A Faster Cajun representative will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have and to schedule installation. You can also contact Faster Cajun Networks by email at or by phone at (337) 372-2586.