In a world of changes, uncertainty, globalization, technology development, and where businesses have no barriers; competition is increasingly aggressive. It is necessary that the management of the administration is effective, therefore, the organization will have to be very clear on the mission and strategies of the business when managing its team in order to achieve its goals and vision.

It is of vital importance for the group companies of Mausan Investments, LLC to design a mechanism for planning, which enables people on all levels of the organization to think strategically in order to accomplish the goals and vision of the organization.

Strategic planning is a dynamic process that, periodically, must be validated for it to be an effective mechanism that will allow the organization to anticipate and prepare for these continuous changes and developments, avoid costly improvisations, and waste resources. The strategy should be adjusted and allow for any necessary changes inside the organization.

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The activities of MAUSAN INVESTMENTS, LLC are inspired by the knowhow and in the respect for its employees, customers, and community; framed by honesty and responsibility for the benefit of the quality of the projects and generating satisfaction for customers and profitability for investors.

In 2021, MAUSAN INVESTMENTS, LLC will be widely recognized as a project developer and manager of investment funds by generating profitability at the rate of opportunity for investors with an articulate and effective model, which integrally manages the different strategic units of business.

MAUSAN INVESTMENTS, LLC develops and/or manages projects and investment funds, provides effective and innovative solutions to the needs of its customers, and creates a better quality of life and a greater return on your investment. The organization is framed by respect, honesty, responsibility, quality, and knowhow.

The quality politics of MAUSAN INVESTMENTS, LLC is to satisfy the needs of its customers and investors with innovation and continuous improvement of its processes.


  • Provide effective solutions to customers.
  • Give expected return to investors.
  • Comply the innovation action plan.
  • Comply the technical specifications "quality" of the projects.
  • Comply corrective, preventive, and improvement actions, through strategic action plans.

There is no better excuse for getting together than celebrating. And we at Mausan Development have a very good reason to celebrate tonight. After an arduous, persistent and thoughtful process we are pleased to announce that Sugarcane Townes, the outstanding residential project that we are about to start, is now a solid reality.

This will be our second Louisiana’s endeavour in a promising pipeline of real estate projects that we look forward to developing in different locations in this parish, making the best use of several tracts of land we already own.

We fell in love with this beautiful and hospitable region of Lousiana more than ten years ago. And we are not merely commited to remaining here, but we look forward to contributing to the unstoppable progress of an area once referred to as Imperial Calcasieu by building affordable, high standard living options and creating new job opportunities.

Hence our decision to develop Sugarcane Townes, a world class upscale community that will be located fifteen minutes from downtown Lake Charles, in the proximity of Iowa and right in the middle of the bright future of South West Lousiana.

We chose to name this project in a manner that honors its origins. Why? Because when we were kids we were taught that those who are not capable of recalling where they came from will hardly find out how to get where they are going.

The Project will be built on a tract of land that has consistently contributed to Louisiana’s wealth by producing sugar. Therefore, it is quite understandable why some clever advisor we have, in a rapture of inspiration, coined the formidable slogan: Sugarcane Townes, The sweet life starts here.

Then our chairman added to this recipe a touch of tradition and a pinch of nostalgia. Our streets and neighbourhoods will bear the names of some of Lousiana’s best known sugarcane towns, like Lecompte, Jeanerette, Caldwell, New Iberia, White Castle, Breaux Bridge, Etc. and also in remembrance of our culture and heritage our home types will have those of its most emblematic plantations (Audubon, Ducros, Nottoway, Graceland, Fairhaven, Felicity and Oak Alley).

A twentieth century Colombian president used to say that no success can be achieved departing from improvisation. In order to abide by his sound advise and to make sure ours will be a world class lifestyle community, we secured a beautiful upscale residential development with 661 homes.

These fortunate buyers will be able to choose from a wide range of houses, carefully designed in accordance with the preferred Acadian architecture.

We look forward to finish dirt and infrastructure work by the end of this year and to start construction of the first homes next year.

My literature teacher taught me that a good story had to have a happy ending. To follow his advise it is my pleasure to inform you all that an Ordinance issued on the 19th of May of 2015 approved the change of use of our land from agricultural to residential. And bearing in mind that Sugarcane Townes remains off city limits its residents who acquire their first home will be entitled access to the benefits of the Rural Development Finance Program that grants them 100 per cent credit to purchase their houses.

An accurate definition states that Gratitude is the memory of the heart. In the name of Mausan Development it is my obligation and also my pleasure to thank you all for attending this invitation and for granting us the pleasure of your company tonight.

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7719 highway 3258
Iowa, LA, 70647

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Monday - Saturday
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
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